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30 Apr Sunday Service
30 Apr Sunday Service
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Sunday Blog. To march or not to march? Kym Bishop | 10 Apr 2017


Blackmonday or Freedomfriday? To march or not to march? What a week it has been! Michael, the children and I spent a few days camping in the drakensberg this past week where there was no cell phone signal at all, and consequently no way to keep up with all that was happening in the news in South Africa.  It was a wonderfully restorative few days of sunshine, mountains, friends and family.  But when we got home and finally logged back onto our devices, we were bombarded by a variety of blogs, links and articles calling people to join a march in protest against the government, as well as to not join the march in protest against the government.  We read pieces that spoke convincingly in favour of some kind of protest action as a means of uniting the country, as well as pieces that made a good case against the protests, saying they will only divide us further.  As I write this on Thursday evening, preparations are being made around the country for various forms of protest action, from marches to prayer meetings.  And honestly, I don’t know what to do!  I want to register my protest in some way, and yet I cannot help wonder if we would have been as outraged if the social grants had not been paid this month, or why none of us marched for the free education movement or when we heard about those from the Life Esidimeni Hospital who died after being moved.   So what can we do?  Well, we can think and engage critically with all that is happening, and read widely from a range of perspectives.  And we can listen, particularly to the voices of those we do not normally give space to speak.  And we can take a long look at our own lives, remembering that the call to stand against injustice is a call to stand against injustice in whatever form that injustice may take, and regardless of whether or not it directly impacts on us.  We can also remember that this is not about ‘us and them’.  As our Presiding Bishop said, ‘the call for the nation to unite and express their disquiet is irrespective of political persuasion, socio-economic standing or racial difference. This is a call for us to collectively speak and act in the best interests of the country...’ If this means that you wore black and took to the streets, great!  If it meant you joined a prayer meeting, also great.  But don’t let it stop there.  Let it also mean that all of us make an effort to build relationships cross-culturally, learn to speak an African language, speak out against racist attitudes, and engage honestly in difficult conversations about difficult topics.  Yes, there is much uncertainty, but there is also hope.  There is always hope.                                          


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